Stainless Steel - More Than for Kitchens

High quality, durable materials and reliable manufacturing are essential features when you’re building out or remodeling any space that’s used in a service industry. From commercial kitchens to food trucks, you can’t go wrong with expertly crafted stainless steel products from Gridmann. Take your deli, ice cream shop, or cloud kitchen to the next level with our outstanding assortment of NSF certified stainless-steel tables, shelves, sinks, and equipment stands. While many of Gridmann’s products are excellent choices for commercial kitchens, they are also perfect for many other service industry locations such as hospitals, garages, or laundromats (just to name a few). The versatility of these products is one of many reasons why Gridmann has become a leading brand in the industry.  Considering the overlap in strict regulations for many industrial locations, you can’t go wrong with one of our expertly crafted products. We focus on safety, durability, reliability, quality, and design for every item we create to ensue you’ll keep coming back to Gridmann for all your stainless-steel needs.

Sleek, clean, and simple designs are sought after at an increasingly growing rate. Modern day industrial designs are incomplete without the polished look of stainless steel, which also adds to look of a perfectly clean and sanitary area. Not only do products made of this material contribute to a sleek aesthetic, they are also functional with their durable manufacturing and easy to clean nature. Gridmann offers endless options to choose from that you can trust to last for years to come. Our mission is centered on high-quality equipment that is perfect for your small business, yet durable enough for commercial grade kitchens and hospitals. If you’re looking for the remarkable impression achieved from stellar craftsmanship and the utility achieved from quality manufacturing, Gridmann’s variety of stainless-steel products are the perfect addition to your establishment.

Since our products are used by a variety of industries, it is important to us that we stay up to date with the ever-evolving trends and needs in design. We keep an evolving fresh and relevant catalog while maintaining an affordable price point. Mobile food businesses have become a large component of the dining industry, and the needs of these operations are different than those of more expansive spaces.

Gridmann’s assortment of prep tables, sinks, shelves, equipment stands, kitchen islands, baking racks, and more are built for lasting performance and reliable durability. With a sleek and timeless design, they are both functional and aesthetically gratifying. Our prep tables and worktables come in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the one that fits in your space perfectly. With your physical safety in mind, they are also finished with rounded front and back edges. Here at Gridmann, we understand that details matter!

Food truck operators can build a business both effectively and efficiently with space saving options in mind. With the ability to create space in a clean and sleek manner, Gridmann shelves are wonderful additions to any mobile food business. These units make it possible to store equipment and products in a manner that’s easy to access for a fast paced and on the go operation. Not only that, but they have a professional appearance that’s also easy to keep clean and sanitary!

When outfitting a hospital’s kitchen, laundry room or other cleaning areas, Gridmann’s products can be used throughout to create a uniform workspace that not only looks professional but is also easy to keep clean and sanitized.  Even laundromats can benefit from our tables and shelves. Its easy to see when stainless-steel is clean which is one of the main things people look for when folding and sorting their clean clothes. Additionally, our longer tables make folding larger items like sheets and blankets a much easier task.

On the other side of the coin, our equipment is also perfectly suited for garages and shops where getting scuffed and dirty is part of the everyday routine. With the heavy-duty stainless-steel construction of our worktables, they’re great for tooling around on, working on engines or even painting parts. With easy end of day cleanup, you really can’t go wrong with products from Gridmann.

Depending on whether you need your equipment to be easily mobile or prefer to keep it stationary, you have the option to include casters on your table’s legs or leave them off. Our caster wheels are designed to be easily attached to the end of our table legs. Gridmann offers a heavy duty set of 4 premium casters designed for the prep tables and equipment stands. The composite 4 inch wheel is chemical resistant and rolls smoothly. They pivot with ease on a full set of ball bearings and are non-marring. If you are hoping to have a table that can be converted easily to a stationary table or a mobile one, you can certainly just keep the casters on. Two of the wheels have an integrated brake to keep your table in place when they are in the lock position. They are even delivered fully assembled and ready to attach to the table’s legs! This option is useful in locations like ice cream shops, delis or laundromats where you may need to move tables from the back room to the front on a regular basis.

There are also other details like the option of purchasing a table that includes a backsplash or to choose a one with an evenly finished edge on every side. The backsplash is a great choice if you will be placing your table against a wall since it acts as a protective barrier between your cooking prep or stored appliances and your clean walls. If you want to place your table in a more free-standing location, the ones that do not include a backsplash are excellent options. These can be used as a storage cart or as a free-standing island in more open spaces. Complete with a two-tier design, these products are excellent for saving space and keeping your area organized.

All these details are necessary areas of importance for those building a business that provides a service. Beyond design and utility, safety is a significant factor Gridmann considers with you in mind. Gridmann’s stainless steel products are all NSF certified, which means they adhere to strict food safety regulations. The increased credibility the NSF certification carries, distinguishes our products from the merchandise of other brands. The Gridmann team strives to exceed the expectations of both our customers, as well as our own expectations! With tables that are free from harmful chemicals, you can rest assured that your purchase is safe for you and your customers. It doesn’t get much better than recognizably great looks and recognizably great safety standards.