Casters Add Great Mobility to Any Work or Prep Table

Make Your Workspace Work for You 

Mobility is freedom. Whether it’s finally getting your driver’s license or (crazy analogy time!) Being able to move your stainless-steel worktables to a different area or room, casters give you the freedom to make your space easier to design and work in. You can also use casters to create a mobile island for your kitchen. Just put wheels on your prep table/island and move it out of the way when you’re done prepping and cooking. This mobility is also perfect for any commercial kitchen. 

You get several other benefits that only casters provide:

- Cleaning up is much easier with mobile work and prep tables. Simply push them out of the way to sweep and mop up.

- Casters that swivel provide much better mobility, especially in small, tight areas.

- You can easily reconfigure your work area with casters on your stainless-steel worktables and move them around to accommodate new equipment or a different floor plan.

- Locking brakes allow you to securely hold the table in place when mobility is not needed.

- If you are working out of your garage you can push your equipment onto the driveway and work outdoors. Then push it back inside, where you can wheel it into a corner and still have room for your vehicle. 

Commercial Grade Makes a Big Difference 

You certainly don’t want to buy cheap casters. Just think about all those times you were pushing a shopping cart around at the supermarket and it had a bad wheel. Annoying, right? Now imagine that bad wheel on your worktable and it suddenly locks up while you’re pushing it. Food, expensive equipment, or other items could fall off the table and get damaged. Or worse, something could fall on you or a coworker, causing an injury. You want to look for commercial grade, heavy-duty wheels.

Some factors to consider when shopping for casters include:

- Weight capacity

- Amount of height the wheels add to your work or prep table

- Wheel construction

- The ability to swivel

- Locking brakes 

As for the actual wheels themselves, you need to consider:

- Chemical resistance

- Scuff marks

- Hardness 

Easy Assembly, Chemical Resistant, Heavy Duty 

Gridmann’s 4 Inch caster wheel set is designed for their stainless-steel work/prep tables but also fit most standard table legs with a 1-1/2” opening. These commercial grade, heavy-duty casters are zinc plated and let you easily move equipment in, out of and around your workspace. The wheels are made from chemical resistant, thermoplastic polyurethane and built for use in commercial kitchens and other workspaces. They roll smoothly and easily pivot on a full set of ball bearings. 

Other features include:

- Locking brakes on two wheels to keep the table sturdily in place

- Non-marring and perfect for any surface including concrete, wood, tile, etc.

- Easy assembly – they’re shipped fully assembled and ready to slide into table legs

- 300 lbs capacity for each wheel set

- Each caster is 7-3/4” tall, raising your table by 5 inches

- Composite wheels are 4” in diameter and 5-1/4” wide 

If you’re looking for a more versatile workspace that gives you the flexibility to easily move tables and equipment from one area to another and clean up faster, commercial grade casters get the job done.