Baking Mats

Non-stick, silicone baking mats are one of the most useful accessories when it comes to baking. Gridmann’s BPA free, professional grade baking mats have been designed for use in all types of ovens (except direct fire) and can withstand heat up to 480 degree F. While our mats were made to fit out 13” x 19” half sheet baking sheets, they will work nearly anywhere you need them too. Besides being perfect for baking cookies, sticky sweets, or bread they can also be used to catch messes from getting on your pans created by bubbling casseroles or pies. Additionally, they also replace your need to use oil, butter, non-stick sprays, parchment paper or aluminum foil which saves money, reduces waste and cuts calories. These flexible, durable, easy to clean mats by Gridmann are your answer to simple kitchen baking and clean up.

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